I am interested, but what do I do now?

You are interested in the possibilities for tax benefits through a branch in Curaçao, but how do you proceed now? We are happy to list the steps for you. First contact us via the contact form on the right or make an appointment without obligation. We will then contact you shortly for a first (telephone) introduction. We can also immediately make a personal appointment to discuss your questions in detail.

1. Intake

For Dutch customers this intake takes place for Dutch clients at the office of SmitsvandenBroek in Weert or if desired at your company. In consultation with our partners, WB Accountants | tax advisers, IQ EQ and Workspot, we submit a written advice with a step-by-step plan and a quote for the next steps.

2. Advice & implementation step-by-step plan

If you then decide to accept our proposal, we will put the step-by-step plan into operation. In consultation with our partners, we divide the tasks to serve you as fully as possible. For example, the elaboration of your personal advice will take place with local experts in Curaçao. The final stage of the advice is usually the establishment of one or more companies at a Curacao civil-law notary. Of course, we support you with advice and assistance from both the Netherlands and Curaçao. Our one-time activities are then usually finished.

3. Periodically recurring activities

Subsequently, we start the periodically recurring activities, namely conducting a financial administration, payroll administration, drawing up the financial statements, etc. These periodic administrative activities will be performed by WB Accountants | Tax advisors in Curaçao. IQ EQ can also perform the periodic and annual tasks that are part of management. In this way we guarantee optimal guidance and you can always rely on powerful knowledge partners with proven practical experience. We therefore guarantee you optimum support, both from the Netherlands and Curacao.