Why you should also consider an establishment in Curaçao

Establishing a company in Curaçao brings other benefits besides the tax benefits. The following are a summary of the most important benefits for establishing a company in Curaçao

Fiscal benefits of the establishment in Curaçao

The low profit tax in the E-zones and even under certain conditions no tax are important advantages for entrepreneurs who want to settle in Curaçao. As a foreign entrepreneur you can benefit from a rate of 2% if you settle in an E-zone. If your company does not establish itself in an E-zone, but you make use of the profit tax exemption, you do not pay a profit tax rate. In addition to this extremely low profit tax, companies that settle in Curaçao benefit from more important tax benefits:

  • Exemption from sales tax for services provided to an E-zone company;
  • The benefits of the profit tax can be expanded with specific payroll tax facilities (expat
  • Exemption for immovable property tax for immovable property located in an E-zone;
  • The low or untaxed profits can be paid out tax-free to a Dutch parent company, through
    the applicable participation exemption.

Wage costs lower in Curaçao

Another advantage for Dutch entrepreneurs in Curaçao is the low labor costs: the minimum hourly wage in Curaçao is approximately € 4.59 (NAF 9.18) compared to € 9.11 (January 2018) in the Netherlands. The expat arrangement can be financially very interesting for managers.

Benefits because of the time-zone

Companies can also benefit from the time zones: when it is evening in the EU, it is afternoon in Curaçao, ideal for call centers, contact centers and customer services. Trade in and with Latin America is also easily accessible due to the location and time zone.


Hub to South America

Curaçao lends itself perfectly as a “hub” (logistics intersection) to South America. South America / Latin America, with a population of 500 million, is easily accessible from Curaçao by boat or plane.

Of course, the friendliness of the people of Curaçao, the ever-present sun and the pleasant island atmosphere are also advantages for establishing your company in Curaçao.

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